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Wimperextensions Den Haag, Wimpers Studio Den Haag Centrum – Ezoncs

What is wimperextension?

Wimperextensions Den haag – lash extensions are a cosmetic enhancement that involves attaching synthetic lashes to your natural lashes. It’s a popular beauty treatment that can make your lashes look fuller, longer, and more voluminous. The process of applying eyelash extensions takes around 1-2 hours, and involves attaching each lash individually using a special adhesive. There are many different types of eyelash extensions available, including mink, silk, and synthetic lashes.

Selecting a reliable and skilled technician is crucial for a safe and successful process. If you’re considering eyelash extensions, I can assist in locating reputable options in Den Haag, Netherlands. Ezoncs is your perfect choice.

Choose short, average, and long lengths. Average length provides a natural appearance, enhancing volume and length. Precise reference points determine acceptable extension lengths. For around 7 mm lashes, short extensions work best. 7 to 10 mm suits average extensions. 10 to 12 mm natural lashes allow longer artificial ones. The process starts by removing mascara.

The process of the wimperextensions consist of the degreasing by a special solution. Specially tweezers with bent tips for safety take the artificial eyelash from a box. The technician dips the base of an artificial eyelash into glue and attaches it to a natural eyelash at its base. Starting from the outer corner of the eye, the process of eyelash extension gradually continues lash by lash.

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Lash extension – Our speciality

Experience Wimperextensions at – Ezoncs Den Haag , where we specialize in eyelash extensions.”. We offer a variety of different types of lashes, including silk, mink, and synthetic lashes, and they use a special adhesive to attach each lash individually to your natural lashes. The process of applying eyelash extensions takes around 1-2 hours and can make your lashes look fuller, longer, and more voluminous. Ezoncs Den Haag extends its services to include eyebrow shaping, tinting, lash lift, and perming. Our team of experienced and trained technicians can help you achieve your desired look.

Frequently asked questions about wimperextension – Den haag

1. How long do eyelash extensions last?

It lasts several weeks. This depends on the products that you use on your face.

2. Are eyelash extensions safe?

At Ezoncs; applied by a trained and experienced technician. At Ezoncs Beauty Salon, rest assured you’re in safe hands, as our technicians possess over 10 years of experience to expertly handle the job.

3. Can I wear mascara with eyelash extensions?

Experts advise against using mascara with eyelash extensions, as it can cause the lashes to clump and shorten their lifespan.

4. How do I take care of my eyelash extensions?

To maintain your eyelash extensions, refrain from rubbing your eyes, using oil-based products, and exposing them to water in the first 24 hours after application. fter that, gently washing them with a mild cleanser and brushing with a spoolie brush.

5. How long does the process of applying eyelash extensions take?

Applying eyelash extensions usually takes around 1-2 hours, depending on the quantity of lashes being used.

Wimperextensions den haag price

ServicesTimePrice List
Extensions of LOWER Lashes15 min€45,00
Eyelash extensions Remove40 min €35,00
wimperextensions one by one90 min€69,00
Eyelash extensions 2D volume – new set (No Effect)120 min€70,00
Eyelash extensions 3D volume – new set (No Effect)120 min€80,00
Eyelash extensions 4D VOLUME – new set (No Effect)120 min€85,00

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Wimperextensions den haag reviews

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Ezoncs Beauty Salon
Average rating:  
 8 reviews
 by Anonymous

Skillful application of eyelash extensions at this spot in The Hague. They enhanced my eyes without looking overdone. Will be back for refills.

 by Anonymous

Visited this salon in The Hague based on a friend's recommendation, and it exceeded my expectations. My eyelash extensions look lush and feel comfortable."

 by Anonymous

I was hesitant about getting eyelash extensions in The Hague, but after the friendly staff explained the process and options, I felt at ease. Delighted with the outcome!

 by Anonymous

Great value for the price. The lash technician in The Hague was skilled, and the ambiance of the salon was relaxing.

 by Anonymous

Impressed by the professionalism of the lash artist in The Hague. My lashes have never looked better, and they've lasted really well too.

 by Anonymous

Absolutely thrilled with my eyelash extensions! The technician in The Hague did an amazing job, and my lashes look natural yet glamorous. Highly recommended!

 by Jenny

Had my first experience with eyelash extensions in The Hague, and I'm hooked! The process was comfortable, and the results are stunning. Will definitely be returning.

 by Monna

I've tried several places for eyelash extensions in The Hague, but this one stands out. The attention to detail and the quality of work here are top-notch.

4.9/5 - (40 votes)