Full body Wax, Brazilian wax salon in Rotterdam

For the best body and Brazilian wax in Rotterdam, ezoncs beauty salon is the perfect location! 
While waxing, the excess body and facial hair is absolutely removed. After wax, It takes about 6 weeks for the hair to develop back. Waxing is a brief way of hair elimination. 

​Get yourself a painless wax for a totally smooth and ideal skin. From 1 mm hair length, you could be waxed without red or irritated pores and skin. 
​When you wax regularly, (no extra shaving in between) your hair becomes softer and less, and your hair doesn’t develop fast.

Upper body, lower body and full body wax in Rotterdam

Also with a Brazilian wax, not only the pubic hair is removed from your bikini line and mound, but also that of your intimate parts (labia wax, buttocks wax and anus wax). If desired, a dash or triangle is left. All these are done at our wax salon in Rotterdam

A full head of hair is of course very nice to have. Unless that head of hair is under your armpits or on your legs! If you want to get rid of unsightly hair on your face or body, you can enjoy hair-free, soft and smooth skin for up to 6 weeks by means of waxing or waxing. Stubble and ingrown hair are immediately a thing of the past!

Book a full body and Brazilian wax, armpit wax appointment at our wax salon in goudsesingel,  kralingen, erasmusbrug,  mariniersweg, kipstraat, hoogstraat, bredestraat, Goudsewagenstraat, mariniershof, markthal, bredestraathof, pannekoekstraat and prinsenhof Rotterdam

Some Tips Before Waxing

  1. Let your hair grow, your hair should be at least half an inch long to get the best results from your treatment
  2. Scrub your skin a few days before waxing for optimal results.
  3. Make sure your skin is completely clean at the start of the treatment.

Brazilian Wax Rotterdam

Do you want to get waxed in Rotterdam by professionals? then you have gotten to the right location. All our wax technicians are professionally trained and ensures that you get a supper smooth and better result. Contact us now and we will be happy to answer all of your questions.

Upper Body Waxing

Armpits wax / Oksels waxen
(Waxing of the armpit)
10 minutes€ 14
Chest and Belly wax
(Waxing of the chest or breast)
20 minutes€ 20
Full arms wax / Hele armen waxen
(Waxing of the full arm up to the wrist excl. armpit)
15 minutes€ 20
Full back wax / Hele rug waxen
(Wax including the upper and lower back)
20 minutes€ 20
Hands wax / Handen waxen
(Waxing of the hand including knuckles)
5 minutes€ 8
Lower back wax / Onderrug waxen
(Waxing of the lower back)
10 minutes€10

Lower Body / Brazilian Wax

Brazilian wax
(Brazilian Waxen)
20 minutes € 32,50
bikini line wax
(bikini waxen)
10 minutes € 15
bum wax / billen waxen
(Bum waxen)
5 minutes € 15
Full Legs wax / Volledige benen waxen
(Full legs wax without toes)
20 minutes € 35
lower legs wax / onderbenen waxen
(Lower legs waxen )
20 minutes € 22
Feet and Toe wax
(Feet wax incl. toes)
5 minutes8

Face Wax

Cheek wax / Bakkebaarden waxen5 minutes € 10
Full face wax / volledige gezicht
(Full Face without Brows)
15 minutes € 22
Inside nose wax / Neus waxen5 minutes € 8
Upper lip wax / bovenlip waxen5 minutes € 7
Beard wax / Baard waxen5 minutes € 8