Pedicure in Rotterdam Centrum and Blaak Location

Why do I need a pedicure at Ezoncs?

We provide Pedicure in Rotterdam and it helps in deep cleaning and feet moisturization in conjunction with nail care. Ezoncs beauty salon advices you to have this monthly as it is a very effective measure for the detection of premature signs of fungal infections and corns and so on.

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Perfect Manicure with Nail Art

5 Benefits of pedicure

– Reduces the risk of infections

Our pedicurist works on your feet (clean and cut overgrown nails) and analysis your feet to check for infections due to ingrown toenails and fungus. Also dirt’s, bacteria, foot odor are eliminated

– Dead Skin cells are removed

Exfoliation  is also a very important part of pedicure at Ezoncs beauty salon, which eradicates dead skin cells, thus helping the skin smoother and more appealing and attractive. It also helps prevent the cells from accumulating, causing bunions or corns, which can be painful. Do note that we treat fungal nail, blisters, corn, callus.

– Promotions of blood circulations

When you choose for a foot massage with our pedicure services, it helps increase blood circulation and helps relives tensions in the calves and feet.

Pedicure services and price list in Rotterdam

Pedicure ServicesTimePrice
Just Pedicure30 min€30,00
Pedicure with GelPolish60 min€38,00
Just GelPolish (Pedicure)35 min€25,00
+ GelPolish removal15 min€9,00
+ GelPolish removal before new15 min€5,00
Pedicure with Vegan gel polish75 min€48,00
+ Nail Polish (pedicure)9 min€7,00
+ Foot Massage10 min€9,99
+ Foot mask15 min€9,99

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