lash lift Glow – Treat your self to a lash lift in Rotterdam “Wimperlift” eyebrow treatment at Ezoncs – Rotterdam “Everything Lash and Brow”

Why do I need Lash brows lift in Rotterdam

​You need

  1. Eyebrows lamination / Lift dye and shaping
  2. Lash lift / Lamination or lift with dye because Your eyebrows and eyelashes is a unitary whole in accordance with your face physiognomy. We believe that the brows should not be ignored , not been taken care of , because well shaped eyebrows already means half of your make up is done. Would you like to get the perfect brow shape in Rotterdam or the best lash wimperlift in Rotterdam then Ezoncs beauty salon is the right place for you.

Book your Lashlift Eyebrows lamination / brows Lift with brows dye and shaping and also the Lash lift / lash Lamination with dye wimperlift at goudsesingel,  mariniersweg, kipstraat, hoogstraat,  kralingen, erasmusbrug, bredestraat, Goudsewagenstraat, mariniershof, markthal, nieuwe binnenweg, bredestraathof, pannekoekstraat and prinsenhof Rotterdam

Eyebrows Rotterdam
A Perfect Eyebrow made at Ezoncs Beauty Salon Rotterdam

LASH LIFT Rotterdam / LASH Dye / PAINT Rotterdam – Ezoncs

Lash Lift and Lamination
Lash Lift Before and After
Lash lift and lamination Rotterdam
Lash Lift

This ritual of taking care of your brows, lash / wimpers has its roots deep in Ancient Egypt. They used to have bold brows, painted dark, arched and give it an elongated shape. 

Even though in nowadays the trends are different , the bold well shaped brows were and always will be trend. With our help, your brows and lashes will always look great! We use hypoallergenic products , so that you wont get an irritation. 

All our tools are sterilized and clean for your safety. We always have the latest methodology for dying and shaping your brows. Call us for more information. Check below images for inspiration.

Wimperlift Lash lift Rotterdam Gallery

Brow Shaping and Dying (Galery)