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Laser Hair Removal Rotterdam Centrum

Diode laser is the most revolutionary technology in the field of permanent hair removal, which contributes to the significant reduction of unwanted hair. As part of Evolve Clinic Rotterdam, Our device has a wavelength of 805 nm, which ensures maximum efficiency.

Diode laser is a safe, painless and fast procedure that removes the root of the hairs in the active growth phase. It is absolutely harmless, because the light beam is absorbed only by the melanin in the hair follicle, thus destroying the root.

At our location we provide a free consultation where you get to know more about the diode laser hair removal procedure.

Laser Hair removal Rotterdam
laser hair removal rotterdam

How many stages of treatment is needed?

Laser Rotterdam – The treatments require 6-8 sessions for a permanent removal of hair from the body and 10-12 sessions for the face, because there are 3 phases of hair growth and the effect is obtained gradually. The total number of sessions varies from patient to patient. At the end of the treatment, up to 90% of the hairs will disappear and the remaining ones will be sparse, thin and discolored. Maintenance sessions are required every six months or 1 year to preserve the results of the treatment.

Laser Hair Hemoval At Ezoncs Beauty Salon Rotterdam

Do i need a laser hair removal at ezoncs?
  • Laser energy acts directly on the hair follicle;
  • The waves do not damage the skin;
  • Visible results after the first procedures;
  • After epilation, the skin looks fine and velvety;
  • It is indicated for folliculitis and hirsutism
  • The safest and least traumatic method of radical hair removal
  • Excludes the risk of infection
  • It takes relatively little time

Here’s what you need to know before you begin the laser hair removal / Ontharen procedure

  1. The area to be worked with the laser must be shaved 6 to 18 hours before the procedure, so that the threads are not visible and sensitive to touch.
  2. It is forbidden to expose to the sun 2 weeks before and after the procedure;
  3. It is forbidden to perform procedures during the active period of herpes and other diseases;
  4. It is not recommended to perform the procedures during pregnancy and lactation.
  5. Only 6 weeks before the start of the laser treatment, the area should be shaved, it is not recommended to apply the sugaring or waxing method.
  6. More information will be given during Consultation.

Diode laser hair removal Rotterdam / Ontharen Price list – Rotterdam

Services (laser permanent hair removal)TimePrice List
laser hair removal Free Consultation10 minFree
upper lip laser hair removal10 min€19
Armpit laser hair removal20 min€22
Chin laser hair removal10 min€22
Cheeks laser hair removal10 min€22
Upper lip and chin laser hair removal15 min€38
All Face (facial hair removal)30 min€58
laser Upper Legs laser hair removal20 min€48
Lower legs laser hair removal20 min€48
Whole legs hair removal40 min€78
Brazilian laser hair removal30 min€48
Buttocks laser hair removal20 min€28
bikini line laser hair removal30 min€25
Shoulders laser hair removal30 min€28
Back laser epilator30 min€68
Upper Arms laser hair removal15 min€32
Chest laser hair removal20 min€38
Fore Arm laser hair removal15 min€38
Whole Arm laser hair removal20 min€48
Bikini line + Lower Leg hair removal35 min€65
laser Bikini line + Upper legs hair removal35 min€65
Bikini line + Upper legs + Lower Legs50min€95
whole legs + Brazilian
+ Armpit + upper lip laser hair removal
80 min€148
whole legs + brazilian
+ whole arms + armpit + upper lip laser hair removal
110 min€182
whole legs + brazilian
+ whole arms + entire back
+ armpit + upper lip laser hair removal
140 min€200
whole legs + brazilian
+ whole arms + entire back
+ whole belly + armpit + upper lip laser hair removal
260 min€245
whole legs + brazilian + whole arms
+ entire back + whole belly + armpit
+ upper lip + entire buttocks + chest + nipples
260 min€245

Book your diode laser hair removal / Ontharen at Ezoncs beauty studio in blijdorp, goudsesingel, kipstraat, hoogstraat, bredestraat, Goudsewagenstraat, mariniershof, markthal, bredestraathof, kralingen, mariniersweg, erasmusbrug, pannekoekstraat and prinsenhof Rotterdam

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