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Wimperlift Rotterdam – eyebrow and lash dye at Ezoncs Rotterdam

Lash lift Rotterdam : Why do I need Lash and a brows lift at Ezoncs Rotterdam?

Wimperlift Rotterdam: Brows lamination or a Brow Lift – that modern and trendy look of the eybrows that you see everywhere online. If you would like to add more definition to your eyebrows and have a better result, then its a good idea to add to your service eyebrow shaping and also eyebrow dyeing. A well shaped eyebrows shows that half of your make up is done.

  1. Lash lift or lash lamination – This service gives that perfect curve to your lashes that last for more than 5 weeks , this means you do not need to lose time on your morning routine on your lashes. Add eyelash dyeing to your service, which will make your lashes look longer, more defined and also you can skip mascara for a while.
  2. Henna Brow: Perfect solution in case you want natural or contoured eyebrows, or in case you need to cover some gaps in your eyebrows or an old tattoo. Henna last for more than 6 weeks on the hair and also up to 14 days on the skin. Another advantage of henna brows is that it stimulates the growth of new hair along the dyed contour. Many ladies choose to have a henna brow treatment for practical reasons, because it allows you to forget about makeup for a while. The henna brow method lasts for more then 14 days which may also depend on the skin type. For the Italian skins, it lasts up to 6 weeks. Henna is visible on the skin. Get best brow shape and dye now at Ezoncs
  3. Would you like to get the perfect brow shape in Rotterdam or the best lash wimperlift in Rotterdam then Ezoncs beauty salon is the right place for you.

Book your Eyebrows lamination / brows Lift with brows dye and shaping and also the Lash lift / lash Lamination with dye wimperlift at goudsesingel,  mariniersweg, kipstraat, hoogstraat,  kralingen, erasmusbrug, bredestraat, Goudsewagenstraat, mariniershof, markthal, nieuwe binnenweg, bredestraathof, pannekoekstraat and prinsenhof Rotterdam

Eyebrows Rotterdam
A Perfect Eyebrow made at Ezoncs Beauty Salon Rotterdam

Price list for lash and brows

ServicesTimePrice List
Lash Dye15 min€14,00
Men’s Eyebrow correction15 min€25,00
Henna Brows25 min€15,00
Dying Eyebrows30 min€15,00
Lash lift / lamination without extra35 min€40,00
Lash lift / lamination with lash paint55 min€45,00
Eyebrow Shaping / Modeling30 min€16,00
Brow lift / lamination excl. painting and waxing85 min€35,00
Eyebrow Shaping / Modeling with Dye painting50 min€25,00
Eyebrow Shaping / Modeling with Henna Painting50 min€26,00
Brow lift / lamination incl. waxing and painting85 min€55,00
Brow lift / lamination With waxing of 1 facial area
(upper lip, nose, chin or cheeks)
85 min€44,00
Brow lift / lamination incl. waxing and painting –
With waxing of 1 facial area (upper lip, nose, chin or cheeks)
85 min€60,00

Wimperlift Lash lift Rotterdam, Lash and brows lift

The below images gives an example of how your lash lift would look like when you book with us. You can choose to add the dye application to the lash treatment.

The below images show how your brow would look like if you decide to have the brow treatment with us. You can also choose to add the brow dyeing / lamination as you wish

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