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Wimperextensions / lash extention den haag – Ezoncs

Wimperextension at den haag – Ezoncs the hague

Eyelash extension consists of gluing an artificial lash to the base of your eyelashes by means of a special glue.

It is possible to choose the length “short, average and long”. The average length usually looks natural, giving the eyelashes a good volume and length. There are also more exact reference points for determining an acceptable length of eyelash extension. If the length of your eyelashes is about 7 mm, then it is most reasonable to use a short artificial eyelash. If the length of eyelashes fluctuates between 7 and 10 mm, an average length will fit just. And if the length of your eyelash is between 10 and 12 mm long, then a long artificial eyelash can be used. The procedure of an eyelash extension begins with the fact that your eyelashes are exempted from ink. Before getting the eyelash extension, it is necessary to avoid use of oil liquids used for removal of make-ups.

The process of the eyelash extension consist of the degreasing by a special solution. The artificial eyelash is taken from a box by special tweezers with the tips bent for safety. The basis of an artificial eyelash plunges into glue and is pasted to a natural eyelash at its basis. Eyelash extension is begun with an external corner of an eye and gradually, the eyelash behind an eyelash is increased

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A Perfect lash extention at den haag

Lash extension den haag
Eyelash extension Den haag

Services for Lash extensions / Wimperextensions and price list

ServicesTimePrice List
Eyelash extensions Remove15 min€25,00
Eyelash extensions one by one – new set120 min €60,00
Eyelash extensions one by one – Refill from our salon90 min€45,00
Eyelash extensions 2D volume – new set120 min€80,00
Eyelash extensions 2D volume – Refill from our salon90 min€40,00
(Doll’s effect) Eyelash extensions 3D volume – new set120 min€85,00
(Doll’s effect) Eyelash extensions 3D volume – Refill from our salon90 min€55,00
(Doll’s effect) Eyelash extensions 5D volume – new set120 min€90,00
(Doll’s effect) Eyelash extensions 5D volume – Refill from our salon90 min€60,00

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