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Brazilian wax Den Haag centrum

brazilian wax den haag, grotemarkt

Brazilian wax Den Haag: This is a process where the hair in the pubic areal is removed around the external genitals, between the upper thighs and around the bum area. Depending on the client requests, they might choose to remove from the all interim body area or perhaps leave small patches of hair in front.

At Ezoncs beauty salon we provide the basic bikini wax, bikini full wax and the full brazilin wax. For the Basic bikini wax, we clean up the hair in the groin region and where ever hairs might come out from a swimsuit. This is called the bikini line wax. For the full bikini wax, we clean up everything in a bikini line as well as the hair in the front of the pubic bone. For the Brazilian wax all pubic hair is removed, including the bum sides.

Brazilian wax Den Haag

Brazilian wax in Den Haag center

Is this your first time having your Brazilian wax or you are looking for a professional location where you can get free advice concerning your skin before getting a Brazilian wax? Then have come to the right location. Our professionals are here to make sure you get the right wax treatment and best advices

Book your Brazilian wax appointment at our wax salon in goudsesingel,  kralingen, erasmusbrug,  mariniersweg, kipstraat, hoogstraat, bredestraat, Goudsewagenstraat, mariniershof, markthal, bredestraathof, pannekoekstraat and prinsenhof Den Haag

Some tips before having a Brazilian wax at Ezoncs

  1. Make sure your hair is about an inch long for the best result
  2. Make sure your skin is exfoliated some days before your treatment
  3. Make sure skin is clean before and at the start of the treatment for optimal result. Need more advice? please contact or call us.

Lower body, upper body, face and Brazilian wax Den Haag: Services and Price list

Brazilian wax Den Haag20 min€ 32,50
bikini line wax / bikini waxen Den Haag10 min€ 15
bum wax / billen waxen5 min€ 15
Full Legs wax / Volledige benen waxen20 min€ 35
lower legs wax / onderbenen waxen20 min€ 22
Feet and Toe wax5 min€ 8
Armpits wax / Oksels waxen10 min€ 14
Chest and Belly wax20 min€ 20
Full arms wax / Hele armen waxen15 min€ 20
Full back wax / Hele rug waxen20 min€ 20
Hands wax / Handen waxen5 min€ 8
Lower back wax / Onderrug waxen10 min€10
Cheek wax / Bakkebaarden waxen5 min€ 10
Full face wax / volledige gezicht15 min€ 22
Inside nose wax / Neus waxen5 min€ 8
Upper lip wax / bovenlip waxen5 min€ 7
Beard wax / Baard waxen Den Haag5 min€ 8
Brazilian + Lower Leg + Arm Pits30 min€ 60
Chest + Belly + Back40 min€ 40
Chest + Belly + Full Leg + Brazilian + Arm Pits + Arms + Back105 min€ 140
Full body Wax Den Haag centrum120 min€ 160
Full Leg + Bikini Wax30 min€ 48
Full Leg + Brazilian Wax40 min€ 65
Lower Leg + Brazilian Wax30 min€ 47
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