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Biab Nagels Amsterdam – Biab Nails verlenging Amsterdam Centrum

BIAB Nagels : Do I need a manicure and biab at ezoncs Beauty salon?

The BIAB nails application helps your nail stronger and grow healthier. Do you want to take a break from acrylic nails? then our professionals are here and ready to give you that beautiful glowing BIAB Nail.
Everyone needs BIAB nails because it helps your nails strong healthier, look better, and our location in Amsterdam is ready to serve You with our range of different colors to compliment your nails. ​Our hands are one of the most important part of our bodies. It’s that part that shows more about our life style than we think. The manicure reveals our personality, health and how much time we spend on self-care. A manicure can be done with gel polish or gellak, BIAB and also nail polish

Life hacks and tips to keep your nails strong and the hands young !!

  1. Whenever you do your manicure at home and you choose you to use the biab services, make sure you use a basecoat and a topcoat to protect your nails. We also offer gel nails at our salon in Amsterdam / The hague
  2. Use cuticle oil or coconut oil to moisturize your nails which helps to prevent them from getting yellowish and weak
  3. Don’t cut your nails too short – shape them in the way the nail grows to prevent nail breakage
  4. Use a hand lotion or hand cream daily to keep them moisturized
  5. Do some scrubbing once in 2 weeks , the hand cream/ lotion penetrates better in your skin.
biab nagels amsterdam

BIAB nails at our location at Amsterdam – Nagelstudio – Amsterdam centrum

Do I need a BIAB NAIL TREATMENT at ezoncs Beauty salon?

Biab in short means “builder gel in a bottle” and it is the new trend in the nail world. Biab should be used if you want to get a healthy and long nails. This should be used with a manicure with cleaner cuticle.
Manicure has a lot of advantages for our hands and our well-being. As well as it helps our hands to look younger.
– Improves our nail’s health  
If you do your manicure constantly with Biab, the chances of getting a fungal infection or any other infections are lower.  Also at our salon, while getting a manicure, you can get a small massage with a hand lotion which contributes to a better blood circulation . This also helps you to relax better.
Book your Manicure and biab appointment now with us. You can also decide to choose a series of gel polish colors and of course with nail art of your choice.

Biab nagels amsterdam
Perfect BIAB at Ezoncs Beauty Salon Amsterdam
Biab nails amsterdam
Biab nails with extension with nail art level 2 – Amsterdam, Ezoncs

BIAB Nails / biab nagels in Amsterdam

​It is important to keep our manicure charming, hydrated and in good shape after getting the biab nagel treatment. It helps us to create a good impression on people.  It’s very easy to mistreat our hands because of its exposure to temperature changes and different chemical agents.  Therefore the hands aging becomes faster than any part of the body.

A healthy and beautiful hands proves that we care about our image and personal hygiene. Having a manicure done once in 2 weeks is more than enough to keep your hands healthy about taken care of .
A good manicure means a different technique that adapts to each nail type. It’s important to identify if there is a need of a special treatment or special measures. Because there are different treatments for bitten nails, weak  nails, infected nails or nail splits.
Click here to view the list of colors available for our manicure and pedicure

Biab Price list – Amsterdam

ServicesTimingPrice From
+ Gel Polish (Choose From our many different colors) on Biab Nails15 mins10 €
+ Extra Long Nails (Longer than Normal Nails)20 mins12.99 €
Biab Removal30 mins20 €
+ Biab Removal before new15 mins10.5 €
MANICURE + Biab Refill (Full Package)80 mins57 €
MANICURE + New Biab On Your Nails (Full Package)60 mins57 €
MANICURE + Biab With Extension (Full Package)100 mins69 €
Biab With Extension80 mins60 €
Biab Refill70 mins50 €
New Biab On Your Nail50 mins50 €
Price list maybe subjected to change, pls check updates on the price list here

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