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Be the best Nail Tech There is

Biab With Russian Manicure Course – 2 days

Welcome to Ezoncs Academy. We are happy to have you on board. With this course, you would be taught the application of manicure with gelpolish and also how to apply Biab on your nails. Biab Course Den haag

Why have your training at Ezoncs?

We own a series of beauty salons in the Netherlands, thus we work and teach with experience. We do what we teach and we teach what we do. You will be taught by one of our finest and best beauticians at Ezoncs, so you are in a safe hand.

We will teach you to be the best ” Biab, manicure and gelpolish” technician there is. And at the end of the day, We also provice you with Jobs at Ezoncs. This course is suitable for nail beginners and professionals.

The price for a 2 days intensive “Manicure with Gelpolish and Biab” course is 950 €250 ex vat. What you would be learning are:

  • Correct application of Gelpolish and Manicure
  • Correct application of BIAB and Manicure

Below are some of our Student Jobs. You could be one of them:



Products Knowledge

Nail Anatomy


Filing techniques to avoid nail damage

Working with electric file

Condition and treatment of the natural nail.


Day 1


Training on manicure and Russian manicure

Preparation of the natural nail

Product Application – Gelpolish

Day 2

Product Application Biab

File techniques with hand file & electric file

Shaping : Square & Round

Perfection Training

Starter Kit


Rubber Base and Non wipe top coat

1 Gelpolish Product

1 Biab product

File and Buffer



Nail Bits

Nails done by Pamela- Ezoncs

Acrylic Nails with Nail art Den Haag Ezoncs

Nails done by mandy- Ezoncs

Nails done by Sandra- Ezoncs

Nails done by Lona – Ezoncs

Nails done by Sandra- Ezoncs

Nails done by suzana- Ezoncs

Acrylic Nails with Nail art the hague Ezoncs

Nails done by Carmen- Ezoncs

Acrylic Nails Den Haag Ezoncs

Nails done by Danny- Ezoncs

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