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A Place where your BEAUTY-Full Dreams are met

Ezoncs Beauty Salon

About Us

Ezoncs Beauty Salon is a space for those who love beauty and value quality.

Ezoncs Beauty Salon: Where Beauty Blossoms in Three Dutch Cities

In the vibrant cities of Rotterdam, The Hague, and Utrecht, Ezoncs offers a range of services that speak to your beauty needs. From manicure and pedicure to BIAB nails, wimperextensions, massage, eyebrows, and lash services, there’s something for everyone.

Discover Vegan Beauty: BIAB and Acrylic Nails and Gelpolish

Join us for an exclusive showcase of our BIAB and Acrylic nail services, where beauty meets compassion. At our salons, we’re proud to offer 100% vegan products that align with your values. Dive into a world of vibrant colors, strong extensions, and a guilt-free pampering experience. Let your nails shine with BIAB and Acrylic, knowing that you’re embracing both style and ethics.

Manicure and Pedicure: For Polished Elegance

Ezoncs Rotterdam, Ezoncs Den haag and Ezoncs Utrecht takes care of your hands and feet with our meticulous manicure and pedicure services. We shape and polish your nails, leaving them looking neat and refined. Choose from a variety of colors and designs to express your personal style.

BIAB Nails: Beauty and Durability

If you’re looking for strong and stylish nails, head to Ezoncs Rotterdam, ezoncs den haag and ezoncs Utrecht. Our BIAB nails combine both beauty and durability, giving you nails that last without compromising on looks.

Acrylic Nails: Style Reinvented

Ezoncs Rotterdam, Ezoncs Den Haag, and Ezoncs Utrecht offer acrylic nails, reinventing your style with these customizable extensions.

Wimperextensions den haag: Captivating Eyes

Ezoncs Den Haag specializes in wimperextensions, enhancing your eyes with natural-looking lashes. Our skilled team carefully applies individual lashes, creating a mesmerizing gaze that needs no extra effort.

Massage: Relax and Unwind

When it’s time to relax, Ezoncs Den Haag offers soothing massage services. Our skilled therapists use gentle techniques to ease your stress and help you unwind, leaving you feeling refreshed.

Eyebrows and Lash Services: Framing Your Beauty

At Ezoncs Utrecht, Ezoncs rotterdam and Ezoncs den haag your eyebrows are sculpted to enhance your natural beauty. Whether you prefer a defined arch or a softer look, Our experts have you covered. Lash services also add a touch of charm to your eyes, creating a subtle yet captivating look.

Ezoncs: Your Beauty Destination

Ezoncs Rotterdam, Ezoncs Den Haag, and Ezoncs Utrecht are your go-to places for simple yet effective beauty services. No need for complicated words – we offer services that make you feel good and look great. So whether you need a touch of elegance or a moment of relaxation, Ezoncs has got you covered. Experience beauty in Rotterdam, The Hague, and Utrecht with Ezoncs.

Ezoncs Rotterdam: Nurturing Feet

In Rotterdam, Ezoncs’s medical pedicure is a haven for those seeking relief. The skilled team takes care of your feet with a gentle touch. They address common foot issues like calluses, corns, and ingrown nails, ensuring you leave with feet that feel lighter and happier.

Ezoncs Den Haag: The Healing Touch

In Den Haag, Ezoncs extends the same nurturing approach. Our medical pedicure is all about healing and soothing. The trained professionals work on your feet, relieving discomfort and restoring a sense of ease.

A Shared Goal: Happy Feet

Whether you choose Ezoncs Rotterdam or Ezoncs Den Haag, the goal remains the same – happy, healthy feet. With Our medical pedicure services, both salons provide a practical solution for foot discomfort, without any fuss.

Finding Comfort in Care

The medical pedicure at Ezoncs Rotterdam and Ezoncs Den Haag is a testament to our commitment to simple, effective solutions. With expert hands and a compassionate approach, they offer a space where comfort and well-being merge. It’s a small indulgence that leaves a lasting impact, making each step a little lighter and more enjoyable.

We Always do it with love : Love for manicure, pedicure treatment, medical pedicure eyebrows shaping, Facials, acrylic BIAB nails Rotterdam, biab nails Den Haag, acrylnagels rotterdam, acrylic nails den haag, wimperextensions and massage at competitive prices. We also pride ourselves as a nail studio located in rotterdam, den haag and utrecht.

Ezoncs Locations – Find us here


Ezoncs Beauty Salon For you

Safe & Beautiful

SAFE: Instruments used for Nails Pedicure Eyebrows and Facials go through all stages of disinfection and sterilization , and the tools that cannot be disinfected and sterilized, are disposable.
BEAUTIFUL: We provide many colors, sliders, design options and creative nail tech. Therefore, we will implement any of your ideas.

Fast & High Quality

FAST: If you need it urgently, we will always find a spot for you, and our beauticians will do the work exactly at the specified time. We can easily assemble the image in four hands (2 services at the same time ).
HIGH QUALITY: We are constantly learning and improve our skills so that you get the service at the top level.


The studio is located in the center of Rotterdam and Den Haag. We will always prepare you delicious tea / coffee, treat you with sweets and make sure you feel comfortable.
Choose a service and a master, check for a convenient time and come by. We will do the rest for you!

Our Team

The whole is much more than the sum of it’s part. Meet our team!



Specialist in Manicure, Pedicure, Medical Pedicure, Nail Arts. If you have some problems with your feet, nails or want some advice to have healthier nails. She will make sure that she does her best to help you.



Focuses in Body waxing and will Recommend the best home care products and advices.

She is super-fast and a good conversation partner. Also does acrylic and biab nails



Brow Master and Nail Art Freak, if you need a perfect brows, or a lash lamination or maybe some creative drawings on your nails, Lisa will always help you. She works super gentle!



Massage, manicure, facials and Pedicure Specialist. Maria is a very kind and good specialist, she always Make sure that she gives you the best service.

Our Focus

Biab Course den haag

Spa Manicure -Gel polishAcrylic Nails and Nail Art


Ezoncs Provides Russian Manicure in combination with gel polish, nail polish, nail art, nail spa, manicure with mask right here in  Rotterdam and Den Haag.
We also provides Acrylic / Artificial Nails,
Biab nails in combination with all types of nail art​
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Pedicure with with and red gelpolish at Ezoncs In rotterdam centrum

Spa Pedicure –
Gel polish
– Medical Pedicure and Nail Art


Ezoncs also provide pedicure, medical pedicure in combination of gel polish. nail polish and also nail art on your feet 
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Eyebrows shaping and brow lift Rotterdam

Eye Brows and Lash lifts – Lamination – wimperextension
Rotterdam and Den Haag


Ezoncs beauty salon also provides Eyebrows shaping, eyebrows dyeing, Henna eyebrows, Facials and eyelash lamination.
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Body and Brazilian Wax Rotterdam

Body and Brazilian wax


Analytics We also provide services for all sort of body wax like Brazilian wax, armpit wax, upper body wax, lower body wax and many more. Contact us for more details.
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What Our Customers says about us! – Ezoncs Beauty Salon (Rotterdam & Den haag)

Ezoncs Beauty Salon Rotterdam
Based on 224 reviews
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Natasha CarmichaelNatasha Carmichael
18:19 14 Jan 23
I got a pedicure and a full set acrylic gel and a lash lift, lamination and dye. I couldn’t recommend this place enough! Such great service and I love the results, I can’t wait to come back.
Samantha DoedijnsSamantha Doedijns
14:27 13 Oct 22
Came for a BIAB removal with Whitney and unfortunately was a very bad experience, extremely painful BIAB removal and my nails were left very damaged with dents. This location seems to be a very nice place and I hope something can be done in the future to avoid experiences like mine. One month later I'm still dealing with the damage ...UPDATE: Ezoncs was very helpful and kind in compensating for this experience!! really appreciate it.
Layla KLayla K
19:24 12 Sep 22
Place was amazing, nice area, clean, staff was friendly, they spoke English and explained everything. I had a good feeling throughout and my nails looked great after. Can't wait to come back. Highly recommend this place.
Anna BardouAnna Bardou
19:25 04 Sep 22
Ezoncs is a great place with friendly atmosphere. Today was my first time there and Lilit did a great job with my Russian manicure and gel nails. She is super nice and made sure that I liked the result!
Charelle StruikCharelle Struik
19:12 15 Aug 22
The ladies at Ezoncs are always super nice and my treatment with Helen (Elena) was wonderful as always. She treated me so nicely & kind and always offers help with the colors I choose. Just an experience on it’s own to relax.
Emmie Velders (Soesha)Emmie Velders (Soesha)
12:38 03 Jan 23
Anna is the absolute best. She understands everything you want. She does everything you want exactly how you want it. She pays a lot of attention to detail. The nails stay perfectly for over a month. They pay very good attention to your health and your hygiene. The service is always smiles all around. Good quality, good price, friendly service. I will never go anywhere else.
dunya van den boutdunya van den bout
16:11 16 Nov 22
My nails were done by Luiza and she did an amazing job! I absolutely love how they came out and she was super sweet and helpful! I’ll definitely be going here more often 🙂
Izma EffendiIzma Effendi
14:40 19 Sep 22
Best nail experience I’ve had! I contacted them via WhatsApp because I wasn’t sure which service I needed, they were very helpful in getting me the right service and appointment time. Anna was very attentive and detail-oriented, really took the time to take care of my nails. They are looking fabulous as you can see on the pic! Perfect location as well right in the center of Den Haag. Price is also quite good for biab and Russian manicure. Definitely would come back and highly recommend!
Vivien FakhouryVivien Fakhoury
06:58 17 Sep 22
Great salon, not crowded but be sure to make an appointment few days in advance. Great quality for price and staff are super friendly. They removed my old acrylic and applied a fresh set with extensions = €75. The website timing estimation was pretty accurate.
09:22 16 Jul 22
By far the best manicure I had in the Netherlands! Ira is so careful and professional. Two weeks after manicure and it still looks super fresh. The best quality work and great choice of gel colours. I found my perfect place.

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